The 2D CAD for numerical control machines

Logotag is the 2D CAD of Taglio developed to simplify the creation, import, and management of the drawings.

It is equipped with specific functions for the metal sheet industries and allows the user to get all the necessary info for the Taglio CAM systems to interact with the CNC machines quickly and easily.

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The supported Operative Systems are:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7 (Last Version available:  Ver. 35.5)
  • Windows XP S.P.3 (Last Version available:  Ver. 32.3)

languages: italian, french, english

compatibility with: german, spanish, portuguese, russian, polish, romanian ,vietnamese, chinese, cech, dutch.

For info about Hardware configuration write to

2D drawing

The user has access to all the features of design and can import files into the most 2D common formats (DXF, DWG, AI, EPS).

Logotag is able to convert all kinds of entities and compositions of drawings (blocks, lists, spline, polyline) whatever the level of complexity is.

The drawings typically contain imperfections such as overlapping lines, discontinuities and small entities that can be easily deleted by automatic strategies and make-up.

The make-up also allows the user to group segments into individual entities and convert segments into arcs within user-defined tolerances.

Macro and fixed shapes are available to simplify the drawings. The standard library includes over 50 parametric figures and can be easily extended by the users through a special scripting language.

The hatching library includes all common materials, but it can be customized with new user-definable patterns and it can be used as a tool to submit additional information to the CAM application or directly to the post processors (e.g. images rastering).


Logotag recognizes image files in most common formats (JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG, GIF) and allows you to insert the bitmap into the working document, managing the position and dimensions to facilitate the design of complex geometries and tracings.

You can also import Windows true type fonts (TTF) to create individual writing or more complex texts.


Logotag natively includes a module to program simple oxy-cut, plasma, laser, and water jet machines with up to 3 axes, in a few clicks. Users can take advantage of the matrix positioning, the strategies of lead-in / lead-out and possible links (bridges) to set up a cutting plane.

The addition of the post-processor allows the application to communicate with the large majority of pantograph machines on the market.

The CAD may be enhanced with the plug-in for the design – Dime – and with the CAM plug-ins Chamfer and Watertag for waterjet machines with up to 5 interpolated axes.

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