Competence, creativity and professionalism

Passion in constant evolution
in a close-knit Team

To always guarantee design performance,
high-profile applications and service.

Full in-house creativity
Full in-house creativity
Internal development of our creativity and programming, ensuring the full and long-lasting intellectual and operational ownership of the solutions.
Worldwide presence
Worldwide presence
International structure that allows to elaborate and develop exclusive programs dedicated to the specific machines in their market of reference.
Full integration performances
Full integration performances
Applications that allow the maximum managerial integration of all the customer's production processes in a global project.

For over 35 years we have been orientating the
development of our products mainly towards the mechanical
and engineering sectors;
in the field of molds, prototypes and models, as well as in
cutting technologies, from laser to oxy-fuel up to hydro-jet
and abrasive hydro-jet.

Our programs are used in many industry sectors

The uses of Taglio's 2D and 3D software

aircraft, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, precision engineering, metallurgical and steel industries, in design and manufacturing, technical and service, design and prototyping departments, by manufacturers of industrial automation machines and systems, in the wood, textile, leather, rubber and plastics, glass and marble industries.