The CAM for touch-screen operator panel that simplifies the use of bridge saws and water jet machine

Touch Drive uses the know-how gained over thirty years of experience in the machining based on numerical controls to make “easy” the use of automatic machines.

The user experience is totally new and different from the classic approach of a traditional CAM.

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The supported Operative Systems are:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7  (Last Version available:  Ver. 35.5)
  • Windows XP S.P.3 (Last Version available:  Ver. 32.3)

languages: italian, french, english

compatibility with: german, spanish, portuguese, russian, polish, romanian ,vietnamese, chinese, cech, dutch.

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The real time dialogue with the machine allows the user to program the machining operations starting from the current state of the machine.

The use of recording tools such as cameras allows an immediate feedback on the effects of the current programming, avoiding possible issues.

The extreme simplicity of use is achieved through specific algorithms able to determine the best conditions automatically to carry out the operations. No long list of parameters is required, unless the operator wants it.

Touch Drive has been developed by taking into account the skills of the machine operators of the different geographical markets to ensure an easy use of technologies that currently require specialized staff.

The simplicity and immediacy of use combined with the constant presence of help dialogs dramatically lowers the time and cost of installation and training.

Even the setup of the machine has been made with immediate impact using the powerful functions of automatic calibration.

Features / Machinings

Touch Drive is suitable for CNC machines starting from simple 3-axes machines to finish with 5-axes working

centres equiped with camera systems.

Shapes can be created through a library of parametric drawings provided with the software or can be imported from existing drawing files (TAG, DXF, DWG).

Users can position the parts to cut manually on the touch screen or automatically, through different nesting strategies optimized to take into account the characteristics of the machines and the cutting. The collision detection system avoids overlaps between pieces and ensures a correct cutting plan.

The software can be configured according to material/thickness to have different cutting qualities while the lead-in/leadouts can vary for different parts.

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