The automatic Marking and Sorting system

MarkVision is a machine able to identify automatically cut pieces of an upper, count them, mark the seam lines and, optionally, place them in box properly organized.
The marking is made with a Laser with Scanner Galvanometric. Using this technology is extremely fast and precise.
The leather is only slightly marked by a fast laser beam at low power.
The flexibility of the system allows the applicability in all the areas where you need to sort, count and mark flat pieces very similar to each other.

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Application segments

  • Footwear
  • Furnishing
  • Handbag industry

How it works

The machine is made with four separate stations interconnected through a conveyor belt.

  • Loading picies and machine monitoring
  • Pieces identification
  • Identificazione pezzi
  • Marking
  • Unloading picies
    • Direct Unloading
    • Assisted Unloading
    • Pick And Place


The quantitative performance leads to increased productivity directly in each application area.
At this benefit must be added other quality aspects due to the greater continuity of reliability when Sorting and Counting.