Focus on
the future.

Up to 128 MPX

Plug & play

Smart factories

Precision and details for your projects.

No air-pressure
950 kg - 2100 lbs
No water
120 V - 220 V
No manteinance
3800 x 1900 mm / 150” x 75”

Quality & resolutions.

128 MPX

SlabVision V / 128 Mpx

32 MPX

SlabVision V / 32 Mpx

24 MPX

Traditional photo station

Practical, solid and fast.

Additional skills.

Infinitely small pixel

0.475 mm, reducible to 0.237 mm (0,018” to 0,009”)

2X the storage

Starts at 512 GB for all your pictures

Forget maintenance

Made in Italy following the highest standard quality

Exceptional durability

Good design is good for the planet

Always in touch

Remote diagnosis for rapid answers and friendly help

New user interface

Every interaction feels new again

Industry-leading IP65 water resistance

Made in Italy following the highest standard quality

Latest technological standards

Displays a richer range of colors, brighter whites and very deep blacks