The CAM software for glass milling

GlassCam is a program for machining the glass for work centers controlled by numeric controls.

Designed to handle all types of tooling, grinders, rotary, is the first product of a new generation of “experts” to help operators with automatic choices based on the experience of work already carried out. Easy to use and learn, friendly interface guides the operator through the various phases of processing without the possibility of making mistakes. There is no limit to the complexity of the profiles or the number of elements to be considered in manufacturing. Automatically detects any collision zones cross-cutting of multiple profiles.
All cycles are executed independently of the characteristics of the numerical control and the geometry of the machine.
In line with the technological characteristics of machine tools available,  GlassCam and the Post Processor will drive them properly: edge, beveling machine, engraving, drilling machines with five or more axes, with all types of tool change, change of head, lubrication, dressing tools, etc. ..

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The supported Operative Systems are:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7 (Last Version available:  Ver. 35.5)
  • Windows XP S.P.3 (Last Version available:  Ver. 32.3)

languages: italian, french, english

compatibility with: german, spanish, portuguese, russian, polish, romanian ,vietnamese, chinese, cech, dutch.

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  • Extreme Ease of use with full operations support
    Visualization and 3D simulation of machining
  • Realistic visualization of Cups and Stops
  • Cnc Independent
  • Acquisition profiles from drawings,  probing and scanned images
  • All types of machining operations possible on Glass 2D and 3D
  • Tool magazine structured in classes
  • Possibility of installation directly on the operator panel in machine
  • Availability of modules for integration in systems of production supervision
  • Managing Post Processor

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