The 3D CAD / CAM for stone working centres with up to 6-axes

Taglio 3DJ is the 3D CAD/CAM suitable for the 3/5 axes stone-working centres and more in general for the stone industry.

Focusing on the user-friendly aspect, it does not need particular IT skills and can been used from all the operators indistinctly.

The system includes a 3D CAD to build simple or complex solids and a couple of modules to read IGS and STL files coming from external software.

The CAM side includes all the functionalities to manage simple 3 axes stone-working centres, more complex 5-axes stone-working centres and CNC lathes.

The software usability allows the users to program a bas-relief in a few steps or a more complex sculpture as well.

Drawing & designing

Starting with Logotag and the 2D shapes it is possible to create 3D solids as:

  • moldings with the plant-section function
  • sinks and quarries with the plant-2-section function
  • coatings and handrails with the shaping function
  • shower plates and drips with the tapering function
  • columns and similars with the revolution or the concave/convex function

The solids can be modelled through specific functions for:

  • rendering materials loaded from image files (textures)
  • duplication and rototranslation
  • warping
  • aligning and draping
  • mirroring

Taglio 3DJ can import the most common 3D file formats as IGS, STL, OBJ, 3DT (i.e. the Taglio file format), files from 3D scanner, images as JPG, BMP, and Z-Map to reproduce bas-reliefs.

Tools to clean the imperfections contained in files generated with scanners or to build artistic tiles are available as well.


Users can program different processes for:

  • roughing with a router bit and parallel or concentric passes
  • roughing with a blade tool and parallel passes
  • roughing with coring
  • roughing with a blade tool around Z
  • brushing with a blade tool aroung Z
  • 3/5 axes contouring of profiles
  • finishing steps on contouring
  • finishing with a router bit and concentric passes
  • bas-relief finishing
  • finishing from top
  • 5-axes finishing
  • turning

The roughing machining can take into account the material removed to optimize the working cycle while the finishing processes can be easily managed with the zone/view tool.

Taglio 3DJ creates a virtual cube to enclose the 3D model to work and to define the 5 standard zones (i.e. right-view, left-view, front-view, back-view, top-view). Users can add new zones from the current point of view.


The database of the tools contain a router bit (flat, bullnose, ballnose, conical), shaped tools, blades, and aggregates.


Taglio 3DJ is available in two versions:

  • 3-axes Taglio 3DJ, for 3-axes stone working centres
  • 5-axes Taglio 3DJ, for 3, 3+2, 5, 5+lathe axes stone working centres

It works at its best, with power and functionality when combined with Logotag, Incisione, and Frestag.


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