The software to manage, classify, and store the images of slabs of marble, stone, and granite

Beginning with proprietary calibration techniques, SlabStore produces highly accurate digital slabs from physical slabs. SlabStore digital slabs are true to life in both color and dimension and contain all relevant properties of the original slab.

The color and dimensional accuracy are achieved using SlabStore’s proprietary technology process to calibrate the photostation on controlled environment (no reflections or hot spots, etc).

It expresses all its powerfull when used in junction with Taglio’s Scanner System.

SlabStore uses these digital slabs to provide benefits and advantages that include inventory management.

When a digital slab is created it is immediately saved into SlabStore’s database. This provides the ability for anyone in your company to easily locate and view the slabs in your inventory based on any of the properties of the slab.

Each digital slab includes a complete record of all its important properties. This includes common things like the material name, lot number, thickness, and inventory ID, but can be extended to include any information that might be valuable to your business when maintained with the digital slab.

The images produced by SlabStore are an excellent marketing aid and business to business tool. You can provide your customers with a confidence in their purchases by showing them the actual slabs they have purchased in high quality, high resolution images.

SlabStore includes the ability to add a digital ‘mark-up’ layer where areas of interest, such as a crack or pit can be maintained.

To finish, SlabStore can easly interact with Taglio’s CAM systems to manage your current CNC equipment for immediate programming of your saw, waterjet or saw/jet.

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