Case history / Miller Brothers

MILLER BROTHERS STONE is an Irish company leader in stone processing for the creation of work surface areas, surfaces and doors intended for architecture and interior design sector.
It’s a family-run business, it distributes its products throughout the world and cooperates successfully with leading industry brand.
We met Daniel Miller, MILLER BROTHERS STONE co-founder with his brother Ruairi, and we asked him to tell us his experience with Taglio software.

What is your company business?
At MILLER BROTHERS STONE we work stone with great passion and high attention to details: our staff
designs and produces doors, counter tops, hobs, surfaces and other elements designed for bathroom, kitchen and home architecture in general.

What are the reasons for which your company has chosen TAGLIO software?
The first machines acquired in the company were equipped with TAGLIO software: in this way the strong relationship with the company began.
The experience was very positive for our operators in many ways: from usability to the effective integration of software with machines. The outcome of this first experience motivated us to recognize a wide trust to the company and thus to equip all the machineries with TAGLIO software.


What CAD/CAM solutions were used previously?
We started our company by using of Taglio and, given the full satisfaction, which is renewed day after day, method after method, we have no intention to change it: we continue with Taglio programs, keeping them updated and attending regular refresher courses, managed by the company.

What are the results achieved with TAGLIO software?
The software allows us, thanks to a quick programming, to set in short time the machining operations that the machine will perform to create the product we have in mind.

What are the assets of Taglio software?
Surely the high usability. Thanks to the ease of use, our operators can easily perform all the machining operations necessary to achieve the designed shape.
The software perfectly integrates with all machine tools that we have in the company and this allows us to have total control of all the processing phases.

With the TAGLIO software, the company achieved the following objectives:
First of all the production cycles optimization: the production is very fast thanks to the easy programming of the machines tool. Certainly, the time optimization means to optimize the resources. Moreover, by equipping all the machineries with the same software.
We needed to learn the use procedures of a few softwares, with a positive consequence in  training costs.